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• Wholesale Embroidery and Screen-Printing Service

• Wholesale Clothing Customization

• Supply-Your-Own Clothing Customization
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You want it? We can make it!


 Graphnix.com offers a wide variety of products.  Whether you're looking for a flashy sign to advertise your business, new decals for your RV, or custom gear for your youth sports team, Graphnix.com can do it.  Contact us and see the pictures on our site to get a more detailed scope of our work.

Personal, Unique, and Unmatched


Your business is unique, so why should your brand be any different?  Graphnix.com makes your vision our priority.  By collaborating with us, you are ensuring that your order will be made to your exact specifications.

Customer Service


As a small business, we at Graphnix.com take pride in our reputation.  With over a decade of printing and design experience, we will provide expertise and unmatched customer service.